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Locate a Phone

locate iphone

All operators in Europe

Compatible with all European telephone operators, our service will allow you to locate your phone anywhere in Europe.

Locate a laptop

All Europe is covered

Our private geolocation satellite allows us precise access anywhere in Europe. The phone must be connected to the Internet.

Locate a laptop

Supports all cell phones

Our geolocation system makes it possible to locate all the phones on the market. From the latest iPhone to Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry ...

Locate a laptop

In accordance with the legislation

Our service is perfectly in agreement with the recommendations of the CNIL, the geolocation is done only with the agreement of the two parts.

Locate a laptop
locate a phone

Location Site Notice

Thanks to you I was able to find the tablet that my daughter had lost. I highly recommend this app.


After two tries I found my old mobile phone (no luck for me it ended in Casablanca). I put you a 10/10 without any hesitation.


It's just amazing as an app! I was able to find two of my stolen devices and all that for free!


This service allowed me to find my Galaxy S8 which had been stolen. I found it faster than with the help of the police. Thank you so much.


Super software! With their system I geo-locate for iPhone 6S stolen, and in no time!


The software is very simple and the geolocation works perfectly. It's awesome !


Grâce à votre service j’ai pu récupérer mon téléphone portable sans aucun souci !


Le service de géolocalisation marche à merveille. C’est très rapide et efficace.


Grâce à vous j’ai pu retrouver la tablette que ma fille avait perdue. Je recommande très fortement cette application.


Après deux essais j’ai pu retrouver mon ancien téléphone portable (pas de chance pour moi il a fini à Casablanca). Je vous met un 10 / 10 sans la moindre hésitation.


C’est tout simplement incroyable comme application ! J’ai pu retrouver deux de mes appareils volés et tout ça gratuitement !


Ce service m’a permis de retrouver mon Galaxy S8 qui avait été volé. Je l’ai retrouvé plus rapidement qu’avec l’aide de la police. Merci beaucoup.


Super logiciel ! Avec leur système j’ai géo-localiser pour iPhone 6S volé, et ce en un rien de temps !


The software is very simple and the geolocation works perfectly. It's awesome !

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LOCATE A Cell Phone

locate my iphone

Locating my iPhone: how it works so quickly

Phone Localization is a new, high-performance service that lets you find your phone at any time.
Whether it is lost or stolen, this service will give you the exact position of voting cell phone even if it is lost deep in Bulgaria! Indeed our service operates throughout Europe without loss of quality.
The service is very simple. It is accessible to everyone. So we try every day to improve its accessibility and performance.

How to locate a laptop?

Nothing very complicated, to start register on our website and a very complete but effective user guide will be given. So, no need to wait, go for it!

locate laptop

What is the geolocation of a phone?

Note location service uses satellites to set the exact position of the phone. These are at least three satellites that cross their information to have a very precise position to geolocate a phone. This use of several satellites is called triangulation. This technique is used by many GPS like Google Maps and Coyote. It is absolutely reliable.

A service accessible to all, free or paid?

We use private satellites to guarantee an extremely precise location. However this service is completely free. Yes, it is completely free! But how is this possible?
This free feature is made possible by numerous partnerships with brands and operators. In addition, to support our project a questionnaire to fill you will be asked.

locate a laptop

Locate a mobile phone in 2018

As said before, this service works with all mobile phones and all operators all over Europe.
Finally, the use of private servers can guarantee 100% anonymity. No data will be retrieved by our service during the phone location operation.

A service available throughout Europe

Our satellites allow you to locate or locate devices anywhere in Europe with unrivaled accuracy. Only an Internet connection is required to geotag your device. Our partnerships with different European operators give you a position within 5 meters maximum of the actual position of the phone.

Locate All Cell Phones

Our service to locate a laptop is versatile. In addition to working with all operators in Europe it is accessible on all brands of phone. From Nokia to Samsung via the Blackberry, no device will escape you. So you can locate your iPhone through our service.

locate iphone

In agreement with the Legislation for the localization of a Cell Phone

To locate a phone, you need the agreement of the owner. Our service therefore respects the Charter of the National Commission of Computing and Freedoms provided in this regard.

locate a phone

Testimonials from our Clients

François: This service to locate my iPhone is simply ultra-powerful! I strongly advise!
Karim: How to locate his phone? No more problem, use LocaliseRunPortable! I recommend 200%


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